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Stéphanie AUBIN

INRIA Rocquencourt

Domaine de Voluceau BP 105

78153 Le Chesnay CEDEX - FRANCE

Tel. 33 1 39 63 55 97
Fax 33 1 39 63 58 92

e-mail: Stephanie.Aubin@inria.fr

Stéphanie Aubin is assistant of the review MODULAD.

She is assistant of the research projects following : Axis, Merlin et Novaltis.

The AxIS research group (project) was created on November 6, 2001 with researchers issued from the ex-teams AID , CROAP, ADOPT .

AxIS (based Rocquencourt and Sophia Antipolis) is a pluri-disciplinary research group (Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and Software Engineering) that focusses on the design and the usage analysis of adaptive Web sites/services. The overall motivation is to get better quality sites and offer better navigations on the Web, taking into account the static semantics of the sites (i.e. their context dependent constraints) and their dynamic semantics (i.e. the navigation through the site). Our researches aim in supporting two types of actors which are the designers and the final users of Web sites and in anticipating the usage and the maintenance (due to future evolutions) of such Web sites as early as possible in the design process.

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